If you follow Freeport INsider for more than a few minutes you will find many instances where I explain what Freeport INsider is, where it came from and what I hope it will become.  I guess this is the official one.

After moving my family out to Freeport in October of 2016 I recognized that there was a lack of information readily available online to help residents find what they were looking for in Freeport and the surrounding area.  I have never owned a media company before but from 8 years in real estate I knew how to do social media and some marketing.

I created the Facebook page towards the end of 2016, at first it was just focused on real estate in Freeport.  I was posting about all of the new communities and neighborhoods being built.  The response was terrible.  It turns out that unless people need a Realtor, they don’t really care for them lol.  After listening to a Gary Vaynerchuk youtube video talking about being the “digital Mayor” of your city, I changed the name and began focusing on bringing value to the people of Freeport.

Freeport Insider the name was adapted from a friend of mine in Salt Lake City Utah who has a community page called The Salt Lake Insider.  It sounded catchy and it made sense for what I wanted to do…give people who don’t know Freeport, an Insiders view of the City and everything it has to offer.  In my opinion the City’s biggest asset is its people.  So I set out to interview local business owners and offer free advertising and exposure for their business on the Freeport Insider page.

I made a point of keeping negativity at bay, created some rules and structure to allow a very positive and supportive culture on Facebook.  I know it sounds strange but its another thing I loved about Gary Vaynerchuk, “Make Positivity Louder” he says.  So I wanted to echo that here.  We have such great people, lets give them a positive and supportive place to meet other locals, help each other, support their community.

The response was beautiful!  I get multiple facebook messages a week thanking me for starting Freeport Insider.  Thanking me for keeping it positive.  Thanking me for promoting Freeport in a positive light.  Thanking me for supporting local businesses and schools.  It is a very humbling experience.  Which is why I wanted to take the Freeport Insider to the next level and try to provide even more content, more positivity, more support, a larger contribution to Freeport.  So here we are, almost 2 years later.  Launching a website, a new podcast and talking about SWAG haha.  SO stay tuned, tell your friends and co-workers…there is plenty of good stuff still to come!