Last night the residents of Hammock Bay were treated to a fun evening of live music, Grayton Beer (and wine) and delicious food. The Hammock Bay Green was filled with families, people dancing, kids playing, and the stage live with music from the Luke Langford Band!

It looked like everyone was having a great time, dancing and visiting with neighbors.  New neighbors being introduced to everyone.  We all had a blast!

One of the other reasons for the evening was to announce some new amenities, new luxury apartments and 4 new communities that are being prepped for release as we speak.

First the Amenities.  Hammock Bay will be getting a larger and more suitable fitness center.

The new fitness center will be located across the parking lot from the existing structure.  The current fitness center will be repurposed into office space and meeting space.

The next new additional to the amenities at Hammock Bay will be an additional zero entry lagoon pool.  The pool will be adjacent to the existing lagoon pool and next to the playground giving plenty of water fun for everyone.

Now on to the luxury apartments.  Latitude is what they are called. For now little is known other than they will have their own amenities but will be part of the master HOA and will have access to ALL amenities in Hammock Bay.

The last reveal was the names and locations of 4 new communities within Hammock Bay.  As of yesterday the names of the builders were still not confirmed.  So the names of the next 4 neighborhoods will be:



Buxton’s Mill


*There is also a small 4 lot cul-de-sac named Vantage Cove across from Central Park

So there you have it.  The latest and greatest on Hammock Bay.  With a new school on the horizon, the opening of the General Store coming up and all of these new amenities and neighborhoods coming, the growth of Hammock Bay is not slowing down and along with it the growth of Freeport.  With new families moving in constantly, the opportunities in Freeport and everywhere.

If you have any specific questions please leave them in the comments below and we will try to get you the answers.  Check back regularly for more updates.


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