Watch DOGS

In this episode Rick talks about the recent launch of the new Watch DOGS program at Freeport Elementary School.Ā  We can’t wait to hear stories from the kids at FES later this year after seeing their Dads spend their time as the Heroes in the Hallways.Ā  Learn more about Watch DOGS and how you can get involved by clicking here.



  • Avatar Lyn Owens says:

    What a wonderful service you are providing for our community! Freeport is a šŸ’Ž gem! All the Dads that showed up no words, just awesome šŸ‘

    • I couldn’t agree more Lyn…AWESOME! Thanks for commenting.

      • Avatar Sheila Gose says:

        That is awesome! Iā€™m sure Watchdog will help kids to feel safe in their school. I think it is great to have so much involvement from parents!

        • Thanks for commenting Sheila. We are so thankful for all of the support Freeport has shown FES and the Watch DOGS program. Our post on social media got so much attention that the National Watch DOGS program shared it, and now other programs are reaching out asking how we got so much participation! I think we are starting something pretty special.

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